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Apex Fun Run

November 9 - November 20

The LVSE PTO is partnering with Apex to organize a fun run. Their theme this year is The MIGHTY Show which will focus on developing student self-awareness, self-control, and interpersonal skills that are vital for school and life success. Each letter in the theme represents an area of focus including:

  • MINDFUL – In order to help others, we must always be aware and check-in to the world around us! We can do this by performing MIND CHECKS and KIND CHECKS!!
  • INTEGRITY – A true leader always tries to do the right thing, especially when no one is watching. It is a choice to show integrity: Integrity is up to me!!!
  • GRIT – The greatest mark of a leader is their ability to use inner strength and courage to overcome obstacles. True leaders never quit! Dig in and win!!!!
  • HERO – A real hero doesn’t wear a cape, have super powers, or even save the world… True heroes are those that are willing to use their service to help others!
  • THINK AHEAD – The best way to achieve our dreams and goals is to start with the end in mind. To do this, we need a plan!
  • YOUR TURN – The only way to become a MIGHTY leader is to put these things into ACTION. It’s YOUR TURN!

The Apex Leadership Company encourages students to be the best version of themselves through these positive themes — not just through the course of the two-week Apex program, but every day throughout their lives. It is the goal that these positive leadership lessons will serve as the building blocks that students will continue to use as the foundation for their strong characters as they develop through various stages of childhood and into adulthood.


November 9
November 20