Preparing for the 2020-2021 School Year

The Parent Teacher Organization is gearing up for another school year. This one is bound to be very different from previous year, so we’ll do our best to support new parents, show our appreciation to the teachers and organize memorable events for our children.

Membership will open on August 13 when school start. In the meantime, if you’re interested in helping the PTO, here are some of the volunteer position that are available:

  • Fundraising Coordinator: Coordinates fundraising activities such as Apex Fun Run, Winter Fest and other events agreed upon by PTO members. They will communicate with local businesses to encourage additional support.
  • Winter Fest Co-Chairs: Responsible for planning and running the Winter Fest. Co-Chairs will share the following responsibilities:
    • Work with Fundraising Coordinator to obtain in-kind donations and sponsors.
    • Work with Volunteer Coordinator to ensure enough volunteers are recruited.
    • Recruit a decorating committee to help with these and decorations.
    • Communicate promotion information to Social Media Rep.
    • Secure vendors for food and entertainment.
  • Hospitality Co-Captain: Responsible for planning & overseeing staff appreciation events or other events as needed. Set-up through clean-up meals or snacks. Recruit others to help.
  • Birthday Gift Maker: Responsible for planning, purchasing & making birthday gift bags for each student. Provide approx 45 gift bags to the front office Admin every month. The secretary will distribute them to the birthday child.
  • Room Parent Leader: Responsible for disseminating information to all the Room Parents and encouraging participation in school activities.
  • Friday Folder Leader: Responsible for organizing the Friday Folder volunteers and ensuring that every classroom has completed the task each Friday. May hold an orientation at the beginning of the year for volunteers and may recruit more volunteers for classrooms that are shorthanded.
  • Box Tops Facilitator: Responsible for advertising the program through signs, flyers, emails, newsletter, Facebook and website. Collect, cut, bag and mail the Box Tops. Monitor account balance, mailing dates and verify receipt of award checks.
  • School Supplies Organizer: Responsible for selecting a vendor and ordering packages based on the Principles requirements in the spring. Organize delivery of supply packages on Meet the Teacher Night the following fall.
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Work with teachers, staff, and PTO leaders to assure volunteers are recruited for special events and programs. Main tasks include creating online sign-up forms, communicating with volunteers and following up to thank and show appreciation.

If you’re interested in learning more, please send us an email!